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Wedding Cake – Today and Yesterday

The tradition of having an elaborate celebratory cake at a wedding is an ancient one. Originally, the groom was expected to bust the breaded cake over the top of the bride’s noggin, which was a symbol of the purity of the bride, and the soon-to-be loss of purity. Undoubtedly, many newly married couples of today who take the opportunity to shove a piece of cake into their mate’s face have no idea what they are actually symbolizing. Until the late 1800’s, the wedding cake was not a cake at all, but some form of bread or pie. Things have improved considerably since then.

Many wedding traditions center on the cutting of the cake; this is supposed to indicate the ease with which the bride and groom will work together during their married life. When the cakes were a simple one-tiered affair, this may not have been so difficult, but when a couple is cutting into a massive and heavily decorated wedding cake, this can be a little trying. Historically, such elaborate cakes were allowed only for the upper crust of society. Today, anyone with sufficient amounts of money or talent can have the cake of their dreams of any color or style imaginable.

Another interesting phenomenon involves freezing a section or layer of the wedding cake to eat on the couple’s first wedding anniversary. This relatively modern idea has become very popular in America. Even though a top layer of today’s wedding cakes can take up quite a bit of room in the freezer, we have the appliances to match, and all over the country, a happy bride and groom can celebrate their very first anniversary as man and wife with left-over wedding cake. Most couples have their wedding photographers add the wedding cake into their wedding album.

Many brides see the wedding cake as the focal piece of her ceremony. By using colors, decorations or design, it can be used as a vehicle to express the bride’s ultimate taste. Superstition holds that if a cake is damaged during the wedding ceremony, this holds ill omen for the future of the couple. Wedding cakes can cost thousands of dollars, or be Styrofoam covered in a layer of real cake to cast the illusion of grandeur. Like the details of the dress, the flowers, the invitations, the wedding photographer and the groom, the choice of a wedding cake should be considered carefully.

Wedding Photography – An Essential Element for Every Bride

A wedding can sometimes be years in the planning before the big day arrives. Prospective brides have a great many details to consider, and move heaven and earth to ensure that every aspect of their wedding ceremony reflects their personality and taste. Often, a wedding planner can help ease some of the burden of arranging the invitations, the floral arrangements and the seating charts for the reception, but often the bride will choose to tackle many of these details herself. One of the most important decisions will revolve around which MA wedding photographers can best present a tasteful and joyous collection of images.

Weddings can be traditional or modern, lavish or modest. Almost any setting can and has been used as a backdrop to one of the most important days in a bride’s life. Almost any budget can and has been met to provide the best kind of ceremony for the happy couple. While it is great to see many modern brides getting into the spirit of things by creating their dream setting, it is so very important that the quality of the photographer does not go overlooked. Wedding photos are the one area in which quality images cannot be faked, duplicated or ignored.

As the big day arrives, many a bride has found herself caught up in the whirl-wind of activity that comes with planning a wedding. Much to their distress, sometimes finding a good quality photographer can be relegated to someone else, and sometimes poor quality pictures are the result. A bride will proudly display her wedding photos for many years to come. Shouldn’t the pictures capture the radiant happiness of her wedding ceremony? Keep your memories artfully and beautifully preserved with our tasteful photojournalism. Look at website galleries to get a glimpse of the types of quality available from the photographer you choose.

Couples book their photographers in advance, one of the first tasks as a bride-to-be is to locate a great photographer. Look at your friend’s wedding albums and see who had the best pictures taken, and what style of photography you enjoyed the most. If you enjoy candid photos that show all of the emotion and animation of a happy wedding day, you will enjoy our gallery of examples. We offer fresh and creative photographs that display all of the inner and outer beauty of a bride on her wedding day. We want to help your memories of this special day last forever.


Wedding Hair and Makeup

MA Wedding PhotographersA bride wants to look her very best on her wedding day; by using the highlighting effects of hair and makeup, the results can bring forth the beautiful features of a bride’s face. Many salons specialize in providing jaw-dropping results for one of the biggest day in a bride’s life. If you are hiring a hair or makeup specialist it would be a good idea to make sure that they can guarantee the stylist will be there on time, or have a back-up plan just in case. Some brides may even choose to apply makeup or fix their hair themselves.

A savvy wedding photographer can stay behind the scenes and snap a few shots of the bride transforming herself into the ethereal creature seen at the altar. These candid photos can provide some of the most startling and fresh pictures in any wedding album. If you use a professional salon, make sure that they are absolutely sure about what look you are trying to achieve on your wedding day. If you want a dramatic change, don’t wait until your wedding day to try out your new look. Give it a test run first, and be sure your makeup will flow with the gown.

Many brides will use hair extensions for a particular hairstyle for their wedding. If this is the route you choose, many salons will start the extension process the week before the wedding, so advance notice and preparation is a must. Stylists and makeup artist can be engaged for the entire wedding event in order to do any post-ceremony touch-ups. Dancing can be disastrous to hair styles, and makeup can smear or sweat off. Have someone to help keep you looking fresh the whole night. For your makeup regime, make sure that your skin won’t have a reaction to a new type of foundation.

With so much at stake, be sure you shop around for the most reliable and reputable salon. The prices for some of these may be slightly higher, but high-end salons generally stay in business because their clients are happy. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and your wedding day is no time to stint on beauty. Use the internet, word of mouth or wedding planners to help you find the stylist and makeup artist for you. Becoming a bride is one of the most important steps you can take in your life. Shouldn’t you make sure that you look your absolute best?

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